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What would your organization be like if you made the right choice in every marketing and sales decision? There's only one way to find out.

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Unravel the subconscious for measurable differences

Bloakes measures emotions concerning your brand, products, marketing campaigns, prices and the impact this has on purchasing intention. We collect complex data, usually within 3 working days, and transform those into comprehensible insights with tangible results.

Scientifically validated methods, calibrated to the right business context. Providing access to the subconscious, where the decision making processes take place. Offering global deployment and scalability. With access to the most appropriate benchmarks.

The result? Sound business decisions with long-term impact for a sustainable future.

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Research which price feels best for your customer. Gain insight into how to optimize your margins and improve results sustainably.

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Onderzoek hoe jouw propositie, innovatie, verpakking, claims of features van jouw product en/of dienst aanslaan bij je klanten.

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Research if your communication enhances the correct associations and how this impacts customer purchase intention.

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Map the emotional customer journey and see the effect of your optimizations. Manage your customers' emotions for success.

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Why implicit research?

The unconscious mind is at the helm of 95% of your decisions. Fully automatic and fast. And for a good reason too, because otherwise a lot of energy would be wasted on making all your daily decisions.

Kahneman (2011) distinguishes:
⇒ System 1 is subconscious and decides through emotions, memories and associations.
⇒ System 2 is rational and decides with words.

With the Bloakes Intuitive Analysis Suite (BIAS) you directly measure in system 1, enabling you to predict which decisions consumers make and why!

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Read what customers say about us

"Bloakes' research helped us to make concrete decisions. Bloakes delivered a clear report with useful recommendations. It is clear that it is a thorough study without having to read through a kind of scientific article. I also enjoyed working with the research team and we received the results very quickly"

Marcos GarciaMarketing Manager Retail Remia

"The results from the research gave us concrete levers to decide the ideal way to go with the campaign. This saved us a lot of time, resulting in a quick photo shoot and further development of the campaign."

Lisa van ZijlFinally an Agency

"Bloakes provided us with sound insights considering the emotional experience of our products. This is a new type of data for us and decisive for making decisions. The predicted increase in buying intent for our new in-store display was spot on and very accurate."

Marius KlijzingGoogle, Product Marketing Manager Hardware Google Nest

"Bloakes research approach has an unique angle. Moving away from rationalities customers put in their answers when asked a explicit question. By bypassing the rational brain, socially biased answers are no factor you need to consider. Adding the quick leadtime, results are sound and quick. Presented in insightful, valuable and understandable reporting."

Astrid van RijPhilips, Voice of the Consumer Analyst

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