Deepen the connection,
one association at a time.

Amidst a noisy world brimming with stimuli, one silent force takes center stage: the associations in our mind.

Why? Because true connections are born in the subconscious — Kahneman's 'System 1' domain — where emotions, experiences, and beliefs shape our behavior.

Discover the power of subconscious associations.

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Associations: the silent predictors of our behavior

Our brain is a complex network of connections, within which associations that drive our behavior take shape. These associations are molded by past experiences, emotions, cultural influences, and more. They automatically trigger feelings and inclinations to act, often without our conscious awareness.

These subconscious associations serve as powerful predictors of our behavior. A brand consistently associated with reliability can subtly influence a consumer's choice, even when they're consciously considering other brands.

Each brand carries a unique 'associative fingerprint' that not only defines it at the brand level but also permeates through various touchpoints such as campaigns and packaging.

Customer Experience: every interaction counts

In every stage of the customer journey lies an opportunity to resonate. From campaigns and commercials to product packaging and customer service; each moment is crucial. Dive deeper with us into your customer's journey and amplify every touchpoint.

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Employee Experience: where your team stands?

Employees are the beating heart of any brand. But how connected do they truly feel? Strengthen each internal connection and reignite the passion within your team.

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The Emotion Impact Model: a deep dive into brand experience

Each brand possesses a unique set of associations, a distinctive fingerprint imprinted on the subconscious of consumers. Our Emotion Impact Model (EIM) maps out this unique fingerprint, testing its depth and strength within your target audience. The more potent these connections, the more solidly your brand embeds itself in the subconscious minds of your consumers.

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"Bloakes' research helped us to make concrete decisions. Bloakes delivered a clear report with useful recommendations. It is clear that it is a thorough study without having to read through a kind of scientific article. I also enjoyed working with the research team and we received the results very quickly"

Marcos GarciaMarketing Manager Retail Remia

"The results from the research gave us concrete levers to decide the ideal way to go with the campaign. This saved us a lot of time, resulting in a quick photo shoot and further development of the campaign."

Lisa van ZijlFinally an Agency

"Bloakes provided us with sound insights considering the emotional experience of our products. This is a new type of data for us and decisive for making decisions. The predicted increase in buying intent for our new in-store display was spot on and very accurate."

Marius KlijzingGoogle, Product Marketing Manager Hardware Google Nest

"Bloakes approached this case in a unique manner. A major advantage of this approach is that it moves away from the rationalizations that consumers themselves give in their answers. Social desirability is not a factor that needs to be considered. Moreover, the turnaround time was quick, and Bloakes reports concisely, clearly, and with valuable results."

Astrid van RijPhilips, Voice of the Consumer Analyst

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