Quantifying the emotional customer journey

Throughout the entire customer journey, your customers have emotions. They store memories in their association network, by applying the "peak-end rule", for example. These memories are later used to make new decisions, resulting in mini-conversions in your journey, or to switch to another brand.

Bloakes has developed a unique emotion score to quantify your customer journey in terms of emotions. Translating this insight into successful optimisations, which ultimately lead to more conversions. Move away from gut feelings and evolve to quantifying emotions.

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Unique emotion score

To quantify experienced emotions during a customer journey, Bloakes developed an unique score. This will provide your team with the best insight into emotional customer journey across all your touch points.

Complex data in a simple metric
Complex data on emotions and associations are reduced to one number per touch point, displayed in a simple line graph. This provides you with a direct overview of what you are doing great. And showing you where to start improve.

Detailed insights on emotions on touch point
The unique emotion score provides you with detailed insights on touch point level showing you the underlying set of emotions. Guiding you in understanding how customers flow through your journeys. Providing your creative team with the best insight to make a difference.

Tracking impact
Tracking the emotion score of your customer journeys is easy. In time and across all your journeys. Providing you with a dashboard of the emotional flow guiding you were to start optimising.

Pre-testing touch point improvements

Likewise testing marketing campaigns, you can pre-test communication on touch point level, across devices and journeys.

Want to know which creative solutions gets you the best result on a emotional level? Before you spend your time and budget? We provide the best pre-testing solution to make the biggest emotional impact.

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