Visualizing the emotional customer journey

Throughout the entire customer journey, customers feel emotions. Emotions they use to store memories in the association network, by applying the "peak-end rule", for example. These memories are later used to make a decision, called a mini conversion. Either to proceed in your shop or to switch to a competitor.

Bloakes has developed the Net Emotional Score (NES) to quantify your customer journey in terms of emotion. And to translate that insight into successful improvements, which ultimately lead to the most mini conversions. Move away from gut feeling and start quantifying.

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Net Emotional Score

To measure emotions experienced during a customer journey, Bloakes developed a unique measuring instrument. This will provide your team with insight into the entire emotional customer journey.

A simple score
Complex data on emotions and associations are reduced to one number per touch point, displayed in a simple line graph. This provides you with a direct overview of what you are doing well, and where there is room for improvement. After which you can zoom in on each touch point.

Detailed insights on emotions at touch point level
The NES provides you with detailed insights on touch point level with the underlying set of measured emotions. Helping you to understand the emotional flow, and giving your creative team input on what emotions they should enhance.

Monitoring impact improvements
Our innovative measuring method is simple to repeat, both over time and across different customer journeys. This provides you with a dashboard of the actual emotional flow, and makes it easy to see the impact of the improvements.

Pre-testing touch point improvements

Similar to testing marketing campaigns, we can also pre-test the communication in a particular touch point.

Like to test multiple solutions and find out your customers’ preferences? This, too, is possible with a pre-test. The result is that you will make a data driven choice, and know beforehand how this will impact the emotional experience.

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