Customer Experience

Every brand has a voice, but how loudly and clearly does that voice resonate in the hearts and minds of your target audience? We measure this with the Emotion Impact Score (EIS) — a numerical reflection of the strength of the associations your audience has with your brand. The higher the score, the more deeply and positively these associations are rooted in their subconscious. It's the ultimate gauge of brand connection on a deep emotional level.

But we don't stop at the general brand image. What sets our approach apart is the flexibility with which we can apply the EIS to various touchpoints along the customer journey. Whether it's campaigns, TV commercials, product packaging, or even customer service interactions, each touchpoint contributes to the overall brand experience. By evaluating and optimizing these moments based on the EIS, we ensure that every facet of your brand strategy works synergistically to create a powerful and positive brand experience.

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