A creative image speaks louder than a thousand words

Looking for a way to make your advertisements stand out and have a lasting impact? In today's world, we are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis. Therefore, it is crucial to have creative advertisements that truly work: an ad that prompts behavior and positively influences your brand image. Fortunately, Bloakes and DPG Media have joined forces to conduct scientific research on the key to successful creative advertisements. The result? The Implicit Creativity Effect (ICE) Score - the very first implicit solution on the market to quickly and easily test the effectiveness of creative advertisements!

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Time for creativity

In the current advertising world, there is a talk about the creativity crisis: creative advertisements have been replaced by transaction-oriented ads. This lack of creativity compromises effectiveness. A creative advertisement, when executed well, is not only enjoyable for the consumer but also beneficial for the brand image! Sufficient reason to bring creative advertisements back to the market. But what is a creative advertisement, and how do you know if it is truly effective? We investigated this together with DPG Media.

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Making creativity transparent

What is creativity in advertisements, and what makes them successful? 

An advertisement is creative when the brand and the message don't immediately align: there is a distance between the brand and the message the ad wants to convey. But when is a creative advertisement effective? Our research shows that a creative advertisement is only effective when the following four points are met:

A distance between the conveyer and the product claim makes an advertisement original and creative. This grabs attention and contributes to adliking

Creative expressions often sacrifice some comprehension. However, this is important for effectively conveying the product claim and brand association.

Effective creative advertisements do not evoke negative associations and are personally relevant to the viewer.

A balance between the above points is necessary: successful creative advertisements capture attention without sacrificing comprehension and are relevant to the viewer.

The Implicit Creativity Effect (ICE) Score

The only entirely implicit method

Since advertisements are mostly processed unconsciously, asking people what they think of an ad often doesn't work. It is important to know what people unconsciously think of an advertisement. The method we have developed is the first in the Dutch market to entirely implicitly test the effectiveness of creative advertisements. With the ICE Score, we help you achieve optimal effectiveness for your creative advertisement, as well as a positively charged association network. The ICE Score provides an instant overview of how effective your creative advertisement is at the unconscious level. And because we test on multiple dimensions, you will receive not only a general score but also precise advice for improving your ad! 

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