Intuitive pricing

Do you have doubt whether you have set the right price for your product? Are the sales numbers low? Or are you curious about the optimal implicit price? By applying implicit response time research to study the subconscious brain, we can give a consumer’s true Willingness To Pay (WTP).

Stop asking questions and start making decisions based on real consumers choices. Measured into objective data, without social biases. Speeding up your process time and saving you the cost of developing multiple scenarios.

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"We have analysed the cost side a lot, looking for a better margin. When this research gave us the insight consumer were willing to pay more on subconscious level, we had a much easier solution. Without dropping in numbers, we were able to raise the price."

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Intuitive Pricing Cases

Remia tafelsauzen

De optimale prijs voor specifieke saus binnen het concurrentieveld – Remia

De optimale prijsrange voor de Kesbeke zoetzure augurken

What is implicit reaction time research?

The unconscious mind is at the helm of 95% of your decisions. Fully automatic and fast. And for a good reason too, because otherwise a lot of energy would be wasted on making all your daily decisions.

Kahneman (2011) describes:

  1. System 1 is subconscious and decides through emotions, memories and associations.
  2. System 2 is rational and decides with words.

With the Bloakes Intuitive Analysis Suite (BIAS) you directly measure in system 1, enabling you to predict which decisions consumers make and why!

Implicit research