Insights in how your brain interacts with commercials.

This whitepaper (Dutch only!) focuses on how TV commercials apply in your brain. Remember how many times you sat together with your creatives, brainstorming and optimizing the concept of your TV commercial. Enhancing the dialogue in the script, doubting what music to use. A new TV commercial is a time and budget consuming process. With high expectations and goals. That is why you need the know what to do and what to leave out. Making your TV commercial have the right influence on your audience. Read what you need to consider in the process. And find out how to research on these decisions (dutch only).

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7 tips for a brain friendly campaign

This whitepaper will provide you with 7 tips to make your campaign or marketing more brain friendly. By applying these tips successfully (Dutch only). zijn uitingen makkelijker te percipiëren voor het brein, waardoor ze beter aanslaan met een stijging in conversie als gevolg.

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