Nice to meet you!

Started in 2016 as a neuromarketing research company with a strong focus on measuring emotions and intuition in our brain. Our research is scalable, online, flexible using small sample sizes. We provide certainty by measuring decisions on brand, campaigns and product propositions.

We at Bloakes are people-people and we strive to provide an environment open for learning. For our employees and for students. Combining our knowledge on marketing and neuro science to new and valuable insights. Our dream is to make implicit reaction time research as the new standard in market and customer research. Because we believe our subconscious brain is the place to measure emotions and intuitions and predict future behavior.

We would love to meet you! Please give as a call to stop by in Waardenburg.

Our Bloakes

Didier Nieuwenhuis

Founder & CEO

Barry de Groot

Co-Founder & Head of Operations & Growth

Guus van Loon

Head of Research & Development

Jules De Ryck

Head of Consultancy

Marily Westendorp van Anken

Senior Research Consultant

Dieuwertje van Dijk


Tycho Faber

Research Consultant

Maddy Koenraad

Research Consultant

Amber van Huissteden

Research Consultant

Rianne Besters

Research Consultant

Felix Blom

Research Consultant

Merel Schouten

Research Consultant

Ilse van der Giessen

Research Intern

Daphne Vahl

Research Intern

Explaining our name

Bloake (m/f) [bloakes]

Used in the English language as an informal word defining a man; used by us to decide you are part of our group, no matter what gender identity. Bloakes feel a strong bond with each other, they are curious and accommodating, stubborn at times and foremost never quitting on the task ahead.

“I met these bloakes in town who told me to stop wasting my time over discussin’ taste, said they could predict the best approach, save a lot of time and to lay back relaxed awaiting splendid results.”