Discover Bloakes: where associations and brand connections unite.

Since our inception in 2016, we at Bloakes have delved into the intricate art and science of neuromarketing. While other agencies may focus on conscious-level research like interviews and surveys, we dig deeper. We understand that the real power of brand communication lies in the quiet, underlying connections within our brain: associations.

At Bloakes, we blend a passion for people with a drive for science and innovation. We believe in fostering an environment where learning and development take center stage, not just for our team but also for students and interns. It’s this fusion of knowledge and humanity that sets us apart.

Our mission? To inspire you and spark your creativity by offering insights into the subconscious needs and emotions of your target audience.

Curious about how we do it? We're curious about you too! Let’s explore the power of associations together. Time for coffee?

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Our Bloakes

Barry de Groot

CEO & Co-Founder

Rianne Besters

Senior Research Consultant

Jules De Ryck

Head of Consultancy

Guus van Loon

Head of Research & Development

Merel Schouten

Research Consultant

Tycho Faber

Research Consultant

Maddy Koenraad

Research Consultant

Amber van Huissteden

Research Consultant

Didier Nieuwenhuis

Founder & Friend of Bloakes

Mark van Ditmarsch

Research Consultant

Chris Roelfsema

Research Intern

Explaining our name

Bloake (m/f) [bloakes]

Used in the English language as an informal word defining a man; used by us to decide you are part of our group, no matter what gender identity. Bloakes feel a strong bond with each other, they are curious and accommodating, stubborn at times and foremost never quitting on the task ahead.

“I met these bloakes in town who told me to stop wasting my time over discussin’ taste, said they could predict the best approach, save a lot of time and to lay back relaxed awaiting splendid results.”