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Emotion and intuition are decisive in consumer behavior. Discover these drivers, make sure you are more successful and make better decisions. You also save time and effort in decision-making and creation, which gives you a shorter “time-to-market”.

We measure emotion and intuition directly in the brain of your customer by using neuromarketing research techniques. We transform your curiosity into a hypothesis, collect the data and translate it into insights and valuable advice. Within 1 week, based on the cognitive and neuroscience of this moment.

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Started as a neuromarketing agency in 2016. Our strength: explore emotion and intuition in the brain. Scalable, online, flexible and with relatively small samples. We deliver you success because you have certainty in decisions in the field of brand, propositions and campaigns.

We want to be a learning environment for staff and students. To combine marketing and science into new insights. Our dream is that our method of implicit research is the new standard of customer research. And on Friday during lunch we use our creativity to create great sandwiches. Please come and visit us!

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