Do you want to know upfront which part of your campaign strengthens the needed associations the grow your conversions? And do you want to know what impact this has on the buying intent of your product?

Do you have a certain gut feeling on your commercial you developed, but you want to know with scientific certainty? Or what parts you need to optimize to strengthen the association network in the consumers brain? Applying eye tracking and facial coding we will measure where attention goes and how emotions flows interacting with your brand.

Participants will not only be researched on their eye movement and facial impressions, but will also tell out loud what they have seen. By doing this we will combine quantitative and qualitative data providing you with the best 360-view, translated in firm advice and better business results.

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eye tracking

What is eye tracking research?

Eye tracking research is used predominately for usability research. Pupil movement is followed registering what a participant is looking at. This will show you which elements get the most attention. And whether there are certain barriers in the flow of your website.

Collected data gets translated into a heatmap and as gaze plot. Providing you with insight on where attention flows and for how long.



What is facial coding?

In the sixties Paul Ekman discovered that facial expressions are universal. Applying in research through measuring these expressions, through an online panel, while participants watch a stimulus like a tv commercial. After analyzing the data with special software, we visualise the emotional experience. Giving you insight on the emotional flow and where to improve your objectives.

Always combining this type of research with implicit reaction time research. Making the connection between emotion during the impression and the memorie attached to this impression. The importance of this is that exactly that memory will be used by your customer when faced with the next buying decision. Combining these two methods will provide you with the best insight to optimise your content and engrave the best memories.

facial coding
Impliciet onderzoek

What is implicit reaction time research?

The unconscious mind is at the helm of 95% of your decisions. Fully automatic and fast. And for a good reason too, because otherwise a lot of energy would be wasted on making all your daily decisions.

Kahneman (2011) describes:

  1. System 1 is subconscious and decides through emotions, memories and associations.
  2. System 2 is rational and decides with words.

With the Bloakes Intuitive Analysis Suite you directly measure in system 1, enabling you to predict which decisions consumers make and why!