Bloakes predicts customer behavior: Fast, simple and reliable.

Bloakes measures emotions concerning your price, product, brand and marketing campaigns, and predicts the impact on purchase intention. Often within 3 working days, translated into comprehensible insights and clear advice.

Intuitive pricing

The most innovative method in price research currently available. When customers have doubts about the price, it offers you certainty about which price increases or decreases are possible to optimize profit margins. While always taking into account various retail chains and multiple context scenarios.

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Consumers can't tell what they feel. That’s why we let them choose between propositions, packaging, product features and claims. Choice and speed predict where your possible success lies, before your product hits the stores. Even innovations are more successful when measuring emotions at an early stage of development.

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Brand & Communication

Without mental availability (Byron Sharp), consumers will not buy your products. By implementing multi-channel campaigns (TV, online or print) you help to strengthen the association network of your brand, throughout the entire customer journey. By measuring and influencing emotions, success is guaranteed.

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What a client says about us

"Bloakes' research helped us to make concrete decisions. Bloakes delivered a clear report with useful recommendations. It is clear that it is a thorough study without having to read through a kind of scientific article. I also enjoyed working with the research team and we received the results very quickly"

Marcos Garcia - Marketing Manager Retail Remia

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